Primary Care is fundamental. Our providers are here to help with everyday needs, routine screenings, same-day visits, and staying up to date with vaccinations. We take walk-ins during office hours to ensure no patient gets left behind.

Urgent Care

This is non-life-threatening injury that needs immediate attention but does not always require the Emergency Department. In fact, we encourage patients to walk-in during office hours rather than show up at the ED in these situations. Our providers can perform small procedures and we are equipped with support of EMS staff onsite for more life-threatening cases.

Internal Medicine

Having access to a wide array of technology allows for patients to get-in-house testing and treatment for the majority of their needs. Patients also have access to IV hydration and antibiotics when needed and physical therapy on site. See our full list of laboratory and diagnostic testing.***

Woman's Health

We understand that female and male bodies differ significantly; therefore, we offer routine services for women to suit their needs and budget if specialists are not accessible or if patients want to consolidate care to one location. These screenings include pap smears and STD screening, mammography, osteoporosis screening and educational materials to help patients stay informed.

Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is apart of healthy healthy aging. At ECMC, we have on-site nutrition counseling services that you have access to anytime. These sessions may be covered by your insurance. Our coordinators will contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits. If you are interested in beingĀ  referred or requesting more information, notify your provider at your next visit.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are offered at ECMC for a flat rate. The form for all North Carolina school districts can be found here.

It’s important to have a proper sports physical whether you’re involved in team sports, cheerleading, or just going to summer camp. Many times sports physicals aren’t covered by insurance, so ECMC is offering a special rate to make it available to as many families as possible.

The ultimate goal of a sports physical is to ensure safe participation. We recommend patients needing a physical to complete this at least 6 weeks prior to starting the season.

Sleep Health

Sleep hygiene is a major contributor to health and quality of life. Similar to and in conjunction with eating right and exercising, adequate sleep improves day to day function and overall health. A lack of quality sleep can lead to illness such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

At ECMC, we offer on-site sleep studies. If you or anyone you know suffers from sleep disorders, ask one of your providers for help. We’re dedicated to improving your sleep.

Many insurance companies will require an at-home study to be conducted prior to approving an in-lab study. ECMC offers this service and provides easy instruction for our patients.